We do not sell catalog items or low quality Bollywood replicas that flood the online retail market. Neither do we distribute items manufactured at bulk that looks good in images but lacks the detailing needed to look good when you actually wear it.

At Ritu Selects – India Inspired Couture we believe in keeping it simple yet sleek-chic and glamorous that works for today's generation!

Good fashion starts from quality fabrics and intricate craftsmanship, there is no second way around it! Over the years we have managed to create a team that understands this and is consistently able to create and offer high-quality designer wear. We are able to offer affordable pricing by reducing waste and creating products that sell!

Our shopping experience is an extension of our business philosophy, "Buy products only when You feel its afforbable & looks good on You" No gimmicks, No pushy sales. We offer Fixed-Pricing, a unique and relaxed shopping experience and are happy to provide honest fashion expertise while keeping your budget and taste in mind.

We take pride in providing high-quality Indian ethnic, casual & fusion wear, custom designed bride & groom wear and accessories.

Check our latest updates on Facebook.com/RituSelects or visit our Charlotte or Houston Showrooms. We ship all over USA and showcase our products frequently at fashion events.

Last but not the least, At Ritu Selects we believe "Our success is when You feel beautiful and confident wearing our outfits!"

Be Inspired, Be You!

Ritu Bhat

President and Chief Creative Director

Ritu Selects